Responsible Party has launched a new digital campaign, pursuing its commitment to promoting responsible alcohol consumption and combatting binge drinking among young adults in Europe and beyond.

Opting for a disruptive approach, we aim at raising awareness on the consequence of harmful behaviors and reminding all young adults of the importance of water and hydration while drinking alcohol.

Building on our 15 – year experience on the field, we believe in empowering you to make the right choice.

In a few words, we want to encourage you to drink
more... water

Check out our guides and resources
for safer drinking below.

Act Responsibly
Safe & Best Practices Guide
Act Responsibly
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Is water enough to drink responsibly?

Water is a key element to:

  • Help your body to process alcohol
  • Help to keep your brain safe

However, responsible drinking encapsulates other elements such as food, moderation, respect…

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We have developed assets in digital and print

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You’ll find here a selection of sources:

You’ll find here a selection of sources:


Our goal is simple.

We’ll help you enjoy life to the fullest, 
without overdoing it or binge drinking.

We believe we can make a difference and offer a better environment for everyone to enjoy the world with one simple and effective message: 

Remember your night, Remember to drink water.

What we do

  • Raising awareness on the effects of binge drinking
  • Reducing the alcohol related harm during events